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Please note - we do not charge any money at this point. This is the official entry form or Swedeman 2019 on July 20th in Åre.

The entry fee is 4250 SEK and if you are successful in the ballot we will contact you around mid-November and you will be directed to a payment page.

The entry process is an application to a limited time ballot that opens at 00:01hrs (CET) on 1st November 2018, and closes at midnight (CET) on 15th November 2018.

We will announce the ballot results a few days after the ballot has closed. You do not have to make payment to enter the ballot but will be supplied with a unique identifier on entering and, if successful, will be further supplied with a password and link to our entry page. Here you will supply payment details.  You must pay within 5 days or your place will be forfeited.

Registration for Swedeman and the other Xtri World Tour races will be during the same period. It's possible to register for multiple events. If you are lucky enough to be offered a slot in more than one race, you will have a short period (3 days) after the ballot result announcement to make your decision which to race and which to decline or do them all.

Registration for the Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon will be open from 1st November 2018 for 5 days, with their ballot result announcement before the Swedeman ballot closes. If you choose to enter the Norseman ballot and are unsuccessful, you will then have time to enter the Swedeman ballot (before 15th November)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds in the Swedeman ballot?: As the event is still new it's likely your chances of getting a place are high.

If I enter more than one race, does that affect my chances in another? World XTRI Tour races don’t share data – all applications to all the ballots are treated independently and equally (within the bounds of any selection T&C’s each organiser has).

What if I get offered a place in more than one race?. There’s a period of a few days after we announce the results of the Swedeman and other World XTRI Tour ballots, and before we take payment If you’re lucky enough to be selected for more than one race, you’ll have chance to decline entries during that period (you'll need to email us).

Entry Fee: 4250 SEK

Refund policy: Swedeman does not offer refunds, transfers or entry deferrals . There are insurance products available which will cover you if unable to attend. 

Your entry is not transferable, and may not be sold or given to another person. Anyone who starts at Swedeman using the registration of another person will be taken out of the race.

Good luck!